Asana, Sound Bath, Pranayama

Sydney, Friday

Just tapping into this beautiful practice a few hours prior to seeing that blood red moon at 05.30 on Saturday morning.

It’s mid-winter here, so rising at that time of the morning when one should be snuggled up in bed is a big ask.  However, this is a once in a lifetime experience I believe.  Got to be done.

Tonight, during our practice we made our own oracle cards.  That’s a first for me.

It was intuitive, creative and since we had been focused on Ajna Chakra during this practice, the intentions, words, thoughts just flowed.  And now I have my own deck of oracle cards which will be washed by the energy of this blood moon in the morning.

Perhaps that is something we could include in our Mariposa Retreat in March next year?

O5.30, Saturday

Did see this wonder, with a very bright Mars close by. A great deal of light pollution though from those Sydney high rises.

I pulled two oracle cards right in front of the moon.

“Trust Your Inner Voice, You Already Have the Answer”

Yes Ma’am

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