Kangaroo Valley, Down Under

I took my mat away for the weekend about 3 hours south of Sydney. Just wanted a little quiet with some dear friends. On this nippy, overcast morning I practiced under the most glorious white blossom with bees doing their busy bee thing above me. A posse of kangaroos were just frolicking in the next paddock and a wombat came and had a look at matsyasana and decided to head back, bewildered, to his hidey hole.

I didn’t really do much. Except I did.

I just let the breath be my anchor. I allowed the inhalation to move from my tailbone up the spine towards the crown – and then the exhalation from crown to tailbone just extended itself.

Longer and longer. Allowing the extension of every exhalation. It was exhilarating and I have no idea how long I was there for but when I had completed  my pranayama, it felt like Spring.

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